Thursday, August 8, 2013

All those years playing Dungeons & Dragons finally pay off

Who knew you could use all that EXP (lol) in the real world?  A friend of mine encourages a girl he knows to quit the job she hates and start the business she's always wanted to try.
You are on a road, and behind you is a town you just left. In front is a long road, and ahead of you you can see thunderclouds, mountains, and a dark forest. You know there is another town out there but no idea where and how far. You know about the town you just left. You know that its a mediocre town and one that will never make you happy. Now the town in front is mysterious, you have no idea if it will be better or worse than the town you left. It also might be very difficult to find it since you might have to cross mountains, and go through storms, and navigate a forest. Its tough to not just turn around and go back to the town you just left. But remember you know you will never be happy in that town. Is it not worth trying to find this other town? 
 All that's left is to roll the dice. :D

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