Monday, April 30, 2012

The looming police state

A police state does not come on all at once.  It is a creeping menace, quietly approaching from behind a veil of obfuscation.

The early warnings by those observant few are always ridiculed.  Never mind the soldiers training to occupy and suppress US cities.  Ignore the tanks, drones and other weapons being delivered to your local law enforcement.  And the fact that the Department of Homeland Security has ordered 450 million rounds of .40 cal ammo for local use? Bah, don't give it a second thought.

It can't happen here, after all.

Antioch must have a lot more vegetation than Los Angeles, I am sure these uniforms will blend in nicely!

 Charlston's Police force has an ATV!  Fun for the summer!

In North Texas, they don't fuck around.

 I thought Phoenix was a much more laid back city though.

The Ventura Police have a "rescue vehicle."

 The Tampa Police force got one too!

Here comes the Montgomery County, Texas Swat team.  They're going to rescue the shit out of you.

The G-20 summit in Pittsburg. Children frighten politicians, I guess.

This is the Navistar 7000. It is designed to carry prisoners and equipped with benches and enclosed in a heavy wire mesh.  It has been showing up in increasing numbers throughout the country

When they come for us I won't bother to say, "I told you so," but I may just punch you in the face.