Friday, October 2, 2020

On covid performance

There are really only two important things to look at with regards to disease - prevention and mitigation. In other words, how well did our system and response prevent the spread of the disease, and for those infected, how well did our system keep them alive.

The US is made up of 50 states and various territories, and as we have with our state laws, we had various responses to the pandemic. Using data from Worldometer, we can perform this basic analysis and see how well each state did in each area. Perhaps in doing so, we can then review the approaches of the different states and find out what worked, and what didn't, and make some more cohesive country-wide plans to be implemented in any future situations.

Simple math shows that just 6 states had death rates above 5%, and those 6 states account for a massive 34.09% of the total deaths - 71,048 deaths. Those states are Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, and Michigan.

We should study their actions carefully, as they are surely a blueprint of what not to do during a pandemic.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

On judges and the electorate

 Just a few words.

When voters elect the president and the senate, they are sending a message to both. If the senate majority is of a different party than the president, the message is "stop what you're doing, you're effing things up." 

If, however, the senate majority is of the same party as the president, the message is "full steam ahead."

The voters elected them, and expect them to carry out the work embodied in one of those two messages, for the entire term of office. There aren't any partial terms, not without a recall, so sorry, not sorry. Everyone knows the democrats would do exactly the same thing.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Frog in the pot

How many articles are we going to have to read about ordinary Americans being harassed or assaulted? How many police will blm and antifa try to kill


When is the government going to acknowledge that antifa and blm are a joint marxist domestic terrorist organization, and that they've already begun an insurrection against the United States?

Will enough of us acknowledge it before the slow boil dooms us all?

Sunday, July 26, 2020

On Moving to Texas

Now hear this - if you want to move to Texas, you will be welcomed, but take note of Portland and Seattle. It was liberal voting that created the anarchy, the complete fuck-nuttery that we're seeing in those cities right now.

The Portland city commissioner originally blamed the BLM riots on "white nationalists" who somehow infiltrated the "peaceful protests" of BLM. Now she's blaming the police. That's right, she says the police are now infiltrating the crowds of rioters and starting the fires themselves.

If you want to move here, again, we will welcome you, but leave that shitty voting history at the door. Recognize why you're leaving - democrats ruined Portland, Seattle, and California. Don't you fucking forget it, and ffs, stop voting for those mother fuckers.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Angry little boy cos-plays a Central American revolutionary while quoting Halo

Compare and contrast.

Halo Reach was released in 2010. This man-child has waited nearly 10 years to say this line. He's probably 20 or 21 years old, and has played reach dozens of times. Now he thinks he's some kind of warrior, shouting video game lines at police officers.

In another video taken in the same few minutes, another cos-player croons through a window "We want your blooooood, piggies."

They've been lighting cop cars on fire, some of them with cops inside. They've cut the brake lines of police vehicles and loosened lug nuts, hoping to kill officers in car accidents. They have waited in front of closed doors in ambush, ready to swing hammers at the heads of officers who emerge.

News flash, folks. These are terrorists. In America we shoot terrorists. You do not have to listen to the mayor.You do not have to treat them like fragile little children. They want your blood. They are ready. Shoot them. If they are holding a hammer, if they are swinging a club, if they are lighting fires or breaking windows, shoot them.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

The effect of the pandemic on the national debt

It's not good, as one might expect. According to the Treasury our national debt now stands at over twenty-five trillion dollars ($25,267,564,712,963.60). It's been climbing by about $900B a month during the last two months.

Evidence seems to indicate that the pandemic was caused by an accidental release of the virus by a research facility in Wuhan, caused by lax safety standards, and that the Chinese communists covered it up for at least two months, arresting and threatening anyone who tried to get the data out early. During that time, while the Chinese communists knew the virus had escaped into the city millions of  people traveled in and out of Wuhan.

This criminal behavior should be met with severe retaliation. We should implement monetary and trade sanctions, and have the whole world follow us. A part of the financial sanctions should be collected immediately by wiping out any US Treasuries held by the Chinese communist government. Next we should back up Taiwan and Hong Kong in their independence efforts. Then we should move our factories out of China as much as possible, if not entirely, and further look for alternative suppliers for anything we source in China that we don't currently produce ourselves.

This debt and the underlying fractures in our economy were caused by our over-dependence on China, its lies, and our own state and local governments authoritarian craziness coming out in the form of many months long lock-downs.

Let's hope we get through this without too much pain, but I wouldn't hold my breath.