Monday, August 26, 2013

74% of ACT test takers unprepared for college

A short five months after my post about 80% of New York city high school graduates being functionally illiterate, tEnglish, reading, math and science).
The ACT report is based on the 54 percent of high school graduates this year who took the exams. Roughly the same percentage took the SAT — the other major college entrance exam — and many students took both tests. Those who took only the SAT were not included in the report. 
Under ACT's definition, a young adult is ready to start college or trade school if he or she has the knowledge to succeed without taking remedial courses. Success is defined as the student's having a 75 percent chance of earning a C grade and a 50 percent chance of earning a B, based on results on each of the four ACT subject areas, which are measured on a scale from 1 to 36 points. 
Of all ACT-tested high school graduates this year, 64 percent met the English benchmark of 18 points. In both reading and math, 44 percent of students met the readiness threshold of 22 points. In science, 36 percent scored well enough to be considered ready for a college biology course, or 23 points. 
Only 26 percent of students met the benchmarks for all four sections of the ACT test. 
About 69 percent of test takers met at least one of the four subject-area standards. That means 31 percent of all high school graduates who took the ACT were not ready for college coursework requiring English, reading, math or science skills. 
Grade inflation, changing grades to pass students even when they don't possess the knowledge or skills they are supposed to learn, lowering standards at universities, tuition inflation, ballooning student loan debt (which is not dischargeable in a bankruptcy), and finally, the end product, college degree holding debt slaves, willing sheeple who will do whatever the television tells them.  These are the people who are voting for more "free stuff" from big gov working Americans.

Matt Damon must be so proud.

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