Sunday, March 2, 2014

Leave California, my friends, just leave

California is the worst.
CEO Comments  
“CA Regulates and taxes companies unreasonably.”  
“California is getting worse, if that is even possible.”  
“California’s legal system is broken. Employment law and contract law are highly problematic and along with regulations and taxes, discourage any further investment in this state.”  
“California is completely confiscatory, ever dreamng up new ways to stick it to sub-Apple-sized companies. So far, Washington is smart enough to recognize where its jobs come from.”  
“Am not aware of any businesses other than entertainment that will be expanding or moving into CA. It is a black hole.”  
“Only thing [California has] going for them is the immigrant influx and the established industries already there.”  
“California has the best labor pool and the worst government. Taxes are punitive, labor laws are punitive and regulations are restrictive. California is a Union Owned State.”  
“California is accelerating down the wrong track. At some point even the climate will be outweighed by the massive disincentives to business and the tax penalties on the modestly successful. It’s well on its way to becoming an environment where the super elites (Hollywood, Silicon Valley and the political class) are separated from the ‘service class’ by a personal income chasm as the union continue to plunder the state’s treasury.”  
“I’m considering relocating my business now based in California.”  
“California is not small business friendly, or friendly for any business size when it gets down to it. Taxes are beyond belief and going higher. Cost of living overall is out of control just like our elect leaders in Sacramento. Too many entitlements and not enough people contributing.”
California not only taxes and regulates its economy more than most other states, but also aggressively interferes in the personal lives of its citizens.

Why is California so bad?  I'm going to say this is the reason. California's politics are overwhelmingly liberal.  Large state, high taxation, punish success in business, reward mediocrity and failures of behavior, and of course, every person is a child who needs a coddling (and sometimes a scolding) from the state, their beneficent parent figure.

Listen, folks.  You are not going to change it from the inside. It's a stage 4 cancer that will run it's course.  There is no question about that.  The only real question is whether conservatives and libertarians will let themselves be taken down with that cancer. Don't do it.  Leave now and let California go feral. When they've eaten themselves sufficiently, we can come back and buy up the property for less than $100 per house, like you can in Detroit.

That will be the time to come back to California. Then we'll tear it down and rebuild.

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