Monday, March 10, 2014

Affirmative action hire? Gunman arrives, female "security" guard runs, male bouncer bounces!

Outstanding job Mr. Eric Wasson!  You saved several lives that night, and have proven yourself a shining example of courage.  As for your partner, I am going to guess the gal is an affirmative action hire, based on her behavior.  Good thing you were hired for your skill and courage.
When a man holding a gun came to the door of the St. Paul bar where Eric Wasson is a security guard, Wasson was determined not to let the man get past him.
Wasson tried to defuse the situation by smiling at the man and saying, "Hey, what's going on?" He also told the man to calm down.  
The man told Wasson to move and raised his gun, Wasson recalled.  
Wasson worried about the more than 150 people inside Johnny Baby's on University  
Avenue, and he rushed the man, whose gun went off twice as they struggled. No one was struck.
The original video has been removed from Youtube, but here is a LiveLeak link. I have uploaded the video here as well.
This GIF shows the hero, Eric Wasson, but not the security chick running away and pushing past the customers - it starts just after she ran away.
When a man with a gun walked into the St. Paul bar where Eric Wasson was working as a security guard, it flashed through Wasson's mind that his mother shouldn't lose a second son.  
Wasson's brother was fatally shot in 2009.  
"If I got killed out here, if I got hurt, what about my mama?" Wasson said. "When it boils down, my mama don't deserve that."  
Wasson took action. When talking to the gunman didn't work, the former high school and college football player rushed him. The gun went off twice as they struggled and Wasson disarmed him. No one was injured.

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