Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I'll bet you a nickel this gal will major in psych or some other worthless subject

She's already incapable of working to support herself, which is why she decided to sue her own parents for her expenses.  The Captain will have a field day.  Or a brain hemorrhage.  Or both.
A New Jersey teenager claiming that her mother and father tossed her out of their home and cut her off financially is suing them for immediate support, current private-school fees and future college tuition. The parents, meanwhile, say that daughter Rachel Canning, 18, moved out voluntarily after refusing to abide by their rules.

“We love our child and miss her. This is terrible. It’s killing me and my wife,” Rachel's father, Sean Canning, a town administrator and retired police officer, tells the
Daily Record. “We have a child we want home. We’re not Draconian and now we’re getting hauled into court. She’s demanding that we pay her bills but she doesn’t want to live at home, and she’s saying, ‘I don’t want to live under your rules.’”

I hope this teen drama queen loses, and loses hard.  I hope that the parents are awarded legal fees and the man who is fronting Canning's bill, (over $12k so far) is named responsible for their fees.  Teach everyone a lesson here.
A Morris Catholic High School honor student and athlete who claims her parents threw her out of their Lincoln Park home when she turned 18 has taken the highly unusual step of suing them for immediate financial support and to force them to pay for her college education. 
Private high school senior Rachel Canning, a cheerleader and lacrosse player who has aspirations to be a biomedical engineer, filed a lawsuit last week in the Family Part of state Superior Court in Morristown that seeks a judge’s declaration that she is nonemancipated and dependent as a student on her parents for support.
...Rachel Canning’s lawyer, Tanya N. Helfand, will ask that parents Sean and Elizabeth Canning, who haven’t paid an outstanding $5,306 Morris Catholic tuition bill, be ordered to settle that debt, pay Rachel’s current living and transportation expenses, and commit an existing college fund to their daughter... 


  1. Isn't it funny how when children used to 'divorce' their parents, the parents were no longer financially liable for keeping said child 'in the manner to which they've become accustomed'.
    It's kind of ironic that, in that sense, those courts are actually fairer than marriage divorce courts.
    I couldn't believe she's already racked up over $12k in legal expenses!
    If she actually succeeds (and I pray that she doesn't) just imagine how swamped the courts will be from children moving out of home and 'divorcing' their parents and demanding 'alimony'.
    I wonder, if she wins, will her parents have to pay her until she graduates or until she gets a job?

    1. Hopefully the judge tells her to pound sand. She needs a kick in the ass to learn what the world is about.