Wednesday, October 23, 2013

You register your car and get a license to drive, so why not your guns?

Thanks to renegade, via the Texas Gun Talk forum, for the excellent response. are only registered if they are to be driven on public roads. If you do not want to drive on public roads, no registration. And no legal restrictions in its design either. Jimmy Johnson's #48 does not have to meet any Federal Laws, no emissions, crash testing, MPG, no 4473, no NICS, no restrictions on felons, stoners, etc, 800 HP and 200 MPH all 100% legal on private property. So to remain analogous that means MGs, Silencers, SBRs, etc, all 100% legal no registration or restriction of any kind if they are only used on private property.

If you choose to register your car, then yes some legal restrictions apply, but in exchange for those restrictions we get registration and DL that are recognized as valid across all 50 states, and again, no waiting periods, BG checks, etc to register, and we get 50 state carry. And since you can drive onto POs, military bases, etc, we should be able to carry there too.

Then ask them if they want the same system for guns. Tell them we gun owners will go to that system tonight if they think it is so good.
Probably one of the best responses I have ever seen. :)

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