Thursday, October 3, 2013

Does anyone think a man would have gotten the same plea deal?

Kaitlyn Hunt, an 18 year old woman was arrested after her 14 year old girlfriend's parents called the police.
A Florida high-school student charged in February with a felony sex crime over her affair with a younger girl accepted a plea deal on Thursday to avoid becoming a registered sex offender.

The case against Kaitlyn Hunt drew national attention after supporters accused authorities of picking on her because of her sexual orientation. Indian River County prosecutor Bruce Colton said Hunt was charged like any other adult for having sex with a child. 
Hunt was 18 at the time of her affair with a 14-year-old schoolmate, whose parents called the police. She was charged with lewd and lascivious assault on a minor, a second-degree felony.

The deal calls for Hunt, who has been held in jail since late August, to remain in jail until December 20, followed by three years of felony supervision. If Hunt adheres to the conditions of her release, she will not be branded a convicted felon or registered sex offender and can ask for her case to be sealed or expunged.
There are many examples of young men being charged as sex offenders for schtooping their 2 or 3 year younger girlfriends, but they do not get sweetheart deals.  They do not avoid the sex offender registry.  Even a 6 year old boy is apparently a sex offender if he plays doctor with a female friend, but when a gay woman does it, she's being picked on? 

I guess some animals are more equal than others.


  1. 100% correct.
    I read a book about female sexual abusers and, amongst all of the excusing their behavior because of evil men, there was a section in it about how adult women having sex with boys as young as 12 shouldn't be illegal because no harm is done, even when a woman does it to many different boys.
    I was thoroughly disgusted.

  2. Unfortunately Chris Brown just announced he lost his virginity at 8 years old to a 14 year old girl. If the genders were reversed there'd be jail time and sexual predator registry involved.
    Because he's all cool about it, so too must all underage boys, even when the woman is 20 years older.