Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This is why we need tort reform

Freedom means that you are free to succeed and to fail.  That means you take responsibility for your actions - you cause your successes and failures.  You own them.  So when this mother alleges that Monster energy drinks are responsible for her teenage son's death, everyone should reject her claim.  She needs to realize that even if caffeine played a role in her son's heart attack - which is not at all clear or even likely - it is not the fault of those who sell caffeinated products.  She or her son bought the energy drinks.  Her son drank two of them every day.  She let him.  He owns his actions.  She owns hers.

I'm curious how many of those who agree with me on this still favor lawsuits against firearm manufacturers.  I'd bet the hypocrisy runs strongly in that group.

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