Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How dare she speak her mind!! Freedom of thought and speech are prohibited!

Serena Williams is in PR trouble for, get this, saying that the underage teen girl who got drunk and raped at a party shouldn't have put herself in that position.  Apparently the twitter trolls came out in droves to lambast her for saying a teenage girl should be responsible and not become intoxicated in a room full of teenage boys.  Karen Teegarden, President of the equal rights organisation scolded her for daring to have such an opinion, and even worse, (gasp!) for speaking it outloud!  Everyone knows if you don't go along with group think you should simply be silent!
Her Rolling Stone remarks were criticised by Karen Teegarden, President of the equal rights organisation She asked: "How could a strong, high profile woman, who has proudly worn and displayed her individuality, not only think this way, but opine it publicly? What a girl or woman wears, what she drinks, where she goes is never consent to rape."
According to Teegarden, if a woman strolls into a bar full of sex starved men, naked, and gets blasted with tequila, she bears no responsibility at all for what may follow.  Sorry, I don't agree.  While she's no criminal, she's certainly stupid, and so is the teenage girl who got wasted with a bunch of highschool athletes at a party.

It's sad that Williams caved so fast.  This is very similar to what happened to Katee Sackhoff when she posted about teaching and practicing gun safety.  Sackhoff, however, stood firm and has gained my respect for it.

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