Friday, March 20, 2015

Eighteen Trillion One Hundred Fifty Two Billion Four Hundred Eight Million Six Hundred Thirty-Five Thousand Fifty-Five Dollars and Fifty-One Cents

$18,152,408,635,055.51. The debt to the penny.

In just 81 days, the national debt has grown by $122,295,278,979.46. Your personal liability for this has increased by $994 and you now owe $147,579.

This is becoming a habit for me.
As of today, our national debt is $18,030,113,356,076.05. 
In just 70 days, the national debt has grown by $130,797,271,522.68. Big Gov has added $1,063 to the debt of every producer in America. You now owe $146,585! Aren't you lucky.

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