Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Eighteen Trillion, thirty billion, one hundred thirteen million, three hundred fifty-six thousand, seventy-six dollars and five cents

As of today, our national debt is $18,030,113,356,076.05.

In just 70 days, the national debt has grown by $130,797,271,522.68. Big Gov has added $1,063 to the debt of every producer in America. You now owe $146,585! Aren't you lucky.

From my earlier post:
Roughly $145,522 for every maker in the US. That's right. Not only do you lucky 123 million Americans have to support the other  124 million American adults that are not producing anything, (and the 70 million children), you also have to pay interest only payments on this very large loan you don't get to spend! 
Yay for big government!
Where else on Earth do they spend nearly $2 Billion dollars a day over their budgets?  Oh, right.  Nowhere.

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  1. Australia, for its population, was fast catching up under the previous Labour (Democrat) government. We even had our first female Prime Minister who would screech "sexism and misogyny" at any criticism.
    If you was a view of what life would be like with Hilary at the helm, just look at Australia.
    Under her we achieved the same debt increase as when we fought in WWII but we don't have anything to show for it!
    Ask a Labor supporter and they'll say "it's not her fault, it was the economy!"