Monday, February 16, 2015

Did you think it couldn't get worse?

I certainly felt that way. I thought we'd allowed our gender to be run into the ground, and that modern masculinity was dead, replaced by some kind of pseudo-pan-sexualism. I wrote about it two years ago.
I saw a young man at the market today. He was decked out in black flannel, black leather, black jeans, black shoes, he had black hair and a black beard, and he wore earrings. His pants were skinny girl jeans - tight, black girl jeans. He had his feet slipped into black girls slippers with little brass studs (spikes) all over them, and and his black flannel shirt was untucked and covered by a tight leather biker jacket, zipped all the way up. 
If this is the state of man, I fear for the species.

I was wrong. You were, too, if you think that men wearing women's pantyhose (male leggings) was the end of our gender.

Behold, the male dress - complete with knee high frilly boots:

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