Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The state of man?

I saw a young man at the market today. He was decked out in black flannel, black leather, black jeans, black shoes, he had black hair and a black beard, and he wore earrings. His pants were skinny girl jeans - tight, black girl jeans. He had his feet slipped into black girls slippers with little brass studs (spikes) all over them, and and his black flannel shirt was untucked and covered by a tight leather biker jacket, zipped all the way up.

If this is the state of man, I fear for the species.

Fashion can be an incredibly seductive thing, and this quote comes to mind whenever I am baffled by the trends that we will follow religiously: “Fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic.” Suffice to say I was not surprised when my vey macho, muscular teenaged son bought his first pair of skinny jeans. Then it seems that was all he wore, along with most of his friends and peers. Baggy [Unlink] was out and slim fit was decidedly in. 
Now fashionistas have taken it up a notch—or should I say down? Meet the latest in men’s wear: ”Meggings .” Men in tights have certainly arrived, as leggings for the male trendsetter is all the rage in Cosmopolitan cities like New York. If you happened to see ABC’s "Good Morning America" on Friday in New York City, models and even some of the GMA male crew were sporting a pair of tights.

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