Monday, January 13, 2014

Rational prohibitions

Our government is irrational.  You see it every day, every time you watch the news or pick up a paper.  It is incapable of behaving in a rational way.  It is a beast, growing daily in order to maintain itself, gobbling up freedoms as they get in its way.
I propose that the government should be strictly limited in what it can prohibit.  Specifically, the government can only prohibit that which is rational to prohibit, and those rational prohibitions are composed of these three basic harmful actions:
  1. assault - physically harming a person or their property.
  2. theft - taking property without permission.
  3. fraud - lies of comission and ommission, contract violations, including entering into contract with someone incapable of informed consent, such as a child or a mentally handicapped person.
Note that all three of the basic harmful actions above require at least two parties, and therefore no prohibitions involving a single person could stand.  If you can't show how an act is one of these three, or a combination of two or all of them, then prohibition of that act is not rational and should be struck down. 

This would be a better place if the federal, state, and local governments were constrained by these 3 prohibitions.

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