Friday, April 5, 2013

You can't beat the laws of economics

Anymore than you can the laws of physics.  Only with physics, it's easier, because we keep learning more and the laws change.  Economic law is well established.   Just like Solyndra, Fisker is going down the tubes.
The government-backed electric car company Fisker Automotive laid off about 160 workers Friday, or roughly 75 percent of the automaker's staff, as it has struggled to find financial backing that would allow it to continue building its high concept clean cars.

The layoff announcement came as the innovative start up faces a looming repayment on a loan from the U.S. Department of Energy, and as reports have swirled that it could be preparing to file for bankruptcy. As with the failed solar firm Solyndra, the green car company was once an early pick by the Obama Administration to be part of America's clean energy future. The Obama Energy Department had approved Fisker for a government loan up to $529 million.

Stunned workers filed out of Fisker's Anaheim headquarters Friday morning with their belongings in boxes. One told ABC News that the employees had no advance notice the layoffs were coming, and they were told they would received no severance.

Among Fisker employees, the worker said, there was an overwhelming sense of sadness Friday that even after building a new, environmentally-focused line of gracefully-designed, high-end American cars, they had not been able to find financial success.
Following Henrik Fisker's exit a couple of weeks ago, it was pretty obvious something like this was in the works.  The government doesn't care though.  This quote here is particularly telling with regards to how government employees think.
"Despite Fisker's difficulties, our overall loan portfolio of more than 30 projects continues to perform very well, and more than 90 percent of the $10 billion loan loss reserve that Congress set aside for these programs remains intact," the department [of Energy spokesman] said.
With nearly $1 Billion in losses, we're doing well. hah.

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