Thursday, February 14, 2013

Drone valor! 1 out of 50 ain't so bad I guess...

Apparently drone pilots will be receiving medals that are higher in seniority than the bronze star, which is awarded for valor in combat. 

Drone strikes kill 49 civilians for every intentional target they kill, according to a study by Stanford and NY Universities.
Released on Wednesday by researchers at Stanford and New York University law schools, the study recommends the U.S. conduct “a fundamental re-evaluation of current targeted killing practices,” which has led to 49 civilian deaths for every one known terrorist killed.
Can you imagine an infantry soldier killing 49 civilians and 1 terrorist and getting a medal?  Me neither.  Usually they go to jail.

A list of children killed in the strikes

Update 2, April 15th:
Hagel cancels the drone medal.
Two months after the military rolled out the Distinguished Warfare Medal for troops who don’t set foot on the battlefield, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has concluded it was a bad idea. [Duh. - Aaron]  Some veterans and some lawmakers spoke out against the award, arguing that it was unfair to make the medal a higher honor than some issued for valor on the battlefield.

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