Saturday, February 2, 2013

Another speech in defense of the 2nd Amendment

Another immigrant explaining why firemarms are needed.  His speech is filled with facts, including citing US law.


  1. Good fact based speech, I am not sure though that all the variables are considered when comparing past to present. I am not confident that societal decay is to blame. There is something that's is the root cause, and access to guns obviously is not the it, but its a facilitator. And I think the challenge is can we identify the root cause (might not even be possible). In the case that you cant, well you have to take out the primary facilitator. Anyway touchy subject but good watch.

  2. You're right, we really need to idenfity the root cause. I think it is psychiatric drugging of our population. More and more children are put on psyche drugs. Most children in the care of the state are put on psyche drugs as early as 2 years old. Every mass shooter I have read about was on psyche drugs. There's the root cause, I tell ya.

    It sounds good to limit tools that facilitate crime, but we really have to approach this kind of activity carefully. For example, more people are killed in crimes by fists than rifles, including "assault rifles", and the same is true for hammers. Britain is discussing banning long kitchen knives, since their gun bans haven't reduced crime (their violent crime is about 4x the US, per capita ). Washington is talking about banning ski masks. No need to comment on that one. :)