Thursday, January 22, 2015

West Hollywood, California prohibits gender specific restrooms

I suggest we keep an eye on the sexual crimes statistics in West Hollywood. We'll probably see them going up after this.
West Hollywood is the first city in California to adopt a policy of “gender neutral” public restrooms, giving businesses 60 days to change the little male and female stick figure signs on bathroom doors.  
As the Los Angeles Times reports, businesses must comply with a new city law prohibiting gender identifications.  
“City leaders said that the old school “men” and “women” restrooms were outdated and puts transgender people in the difficult position of having to “out” themselves simply by picking a door.”
 Yes, implying that women and men may appreciate a little bit of privacy from their opposites while doing their business is "outdated," according to the city council. Next, they should eliminate the enclosures around the toilets, the doors, and even the walls. I think that would be best - just place the toilets right out there on the sidewalks.

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