Monday, May 5, 2014

School where knife attack took place now requires clear plastic backpacks

I shit you not. The school which was the site of a mass stabbing has responded by issuing plastic bags to it's students, to give them "peace of mind."
MURRYSVILLE, Pa. - Franklin Regional High School, where a teenager is accused of stabbing over 20 fellow students and a security guard, is changing its school backpack procedure in light of the recent attack, reports CBS Pittsburgh. 
The station reports that, while students will still be permitted to carry regular backpacks to and from the school, carrying belongings from class-to-class will require the use of new, clear bags. The see-through backpacks - which all read "FR Strong" - were distributed Monday by the Murrysville school, located 15 miles east of Pittsburgh. 
"Our goal with [the backpacks] is to give an added sense of safety and security," said Mary Catherine Reljac, Assistant Superintendent of the Franklin Regional School District.  
Two students remain hospitalized as a result of the mass stabbings. 
I wonder if they will deliver the clear plastic bags to the two students who are still in the hospital. Seriously, we've said this over and over, that this could happen, that it's a violence problem, not a "gun violence" problem. In response, we're mocked, or they charge us with having blood on our hands. Or they say the NRA is making money off of dead children. And here it is, a mass knifing. They have no idea how to respond, so they hand out clear plastic bags.

When a kid brings a knife in his pants, will they mandate speedos?

Thanks to Trenchfoot on Calguns, we now know what the future school uniform will look like!

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