Friday, December 20, 2013

Obamacare, the sitcom!

With the President altering the law (bypassing Congress) every week or two, the continual revelation of new failures of the system, the ACA already has the makings of a great network television show. 
Now Michelle Obama has stated that young people need to sign up in case they cut their finger in the kitchen.  You've got to admit, that's some good Hollywood writing right there.
She then went on to give reasons millennials might need health coverage.

“Well, young people are the ones who are driving around late at night, you know, that can get into a car accident, or slip at a club, you know?” she said. “Who play pick-up games and to get a black eye, you know? Cooking for the first time and cut a finger, and you know, bust an artery, you know?”
All we need now is someone like Sandra Fluke to testify before congress and explain why the taxpayer should subsidize Natural Brows (made with 100% human hair!) and we'll have a viable pilot to send to the networks:


Now there's a product that our young women need even more than contraception! 

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