Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Iran - nuclear tyrant?

The media elites and the war profiteers in government are practically foaming at the mouth over Iran's nuclear weapons program.  No doubt you've heard it, but is there any truth to it?  Are there dissenting opinions?

It turns out there are dissenting opinions, and the people who are stating them might surprise you:
If you recall, there was a similar buildup 10 years ago when discussing Iraq - we were made to believe that they had a highly advanced nuclear weapons program and were bent on nuclear armageddon.  What did we find?  Zilch.  We left over four thousand of our soldiers dead in the sand, over what?  Lies, nothing more.  We put the blood covered profits in the hands of the military industrial complex and made the world less safe.

Read the Truth about War website to see, in hindsight, what we should have known all along.  We can and must learn from our mistakes, and the lesson we must learn is to always question authority.

Finally, watch the farewell address by President Eisenhower.

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