Saturday, September 24, 2011

I am a Libertarian

A while back I realized that I am a Libertarian.  Libertarianism, or Classical Liberalism, essentially means that the individual is senior to the state.  It means that all rights belong to individuals - not groups, not governments.  It means that as an individual, my life, my liberty, and my property are sacrosanct.  It means that these Natural Rights can't be taken away or lain aside.  It means that my Rights are limited only if they interfere with the Rights of other individuals.  It means that Vices are Not Crimes.  It means you don't initiate force against others.  It means you abide by contracts.  It means you don't steal.  It means that government power must be used only to protect the individual from the use of force or fraud by others.  It also means that you have the same Rights that I do, and so does each and every individual on this Earth.  Not just Americans, not just allied countries - everyone.

The basis of Libertarian philosophy is well known to all people, really.  You learn it when you are a child - don't hit other kids, don't take their stuff, and keep your promises.  This is fundamentally sound and universally recognized precisely because it stems from Natural Rights that we all know without being taught. Authoritarian societies arise from the un-teaching of this fundamental truth - they teach that it's fair to confiscate property from some individuals and give it to others.  They teach that it is right to start a war "for the greater good."  They teach that it is just to break contracts if it is against "a greedy business."  The more authoritarian, the greater the re-education.  Communism, for example, is based in the idea that no one owns that which he produces - it is complete confiscation of property.  In Britain they floated the idea of having paychecks delivered straight to the state, from which the state would distribute "just" income to the people.  In China they initiate force against their own people when they think too much about Natural Rights.  Even here in the US, there is a violent distrust of anyone successful - a belief that success can only come from cheating. 

Forget about the left and the right - in reality there is Libertarianism and Authoritarianism.  If you embrace liberty you are libertarian, if you don't you are authoritarian.  Note what I did there - the words libertarian and authoritarian are being used not as nouns, now, but as adjectives.  It's a distinction you should keep in mind while you think on the subject.  Libertarian the noun, or libertarian the adjective.  In other words, your leanings.  You may not lean as far as I do - but if you think about it you probably do lean libertarian.  Shake off the yoke of the media brainwashing and you will see clearly.

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