Friday, May 12, 2017

I am Bob Owens

By now our entire community knows of Bob Owens passing. Hopefully you've seen and perhaps chipped in to the fundraiser for his family. I've been pretty quiet, being equal parts sad, numb, and angry. I've mulled over what I would like to say, and after some thought I finally know.

I am Bob Owens.

I don't mean that I am suicidal, nor even depressed. Those are not the essence of Bob. I am Bob, because he is a man. Not a perfect man, but a good man. Among the things he leaves behind is a legacy of honor and tenacity. He was a staunch defender of our rights, and a scourge to our enemies. He did not light the torch he carried for so long, but he picked it up and carried it forward, just the same. You and I must do as he did - pick up the torch and hold it high for all to see, carrying it forward into the future.

I am Bob Owens. I will carry the torch.